Thursday, January 8, 2009

The way things are and hopes of what will be

I was reading the other day. I do not know the Spauldings personally but I do know that they post about biking occasionally and you all should check this out I really like how they quote the law and some of the comments are amusing.

So on that note...I haven't really been honked at that much in the recent past until two nights ago. I had just crossed the Columbia St bridge and was riding in the traffic lane when I got seriously buzzed by a full size chevy. I guess it wasn't the getting buzzed (some people get off on it) that bothered me so much as it was that they chose to lay on the horn when they were right behind me. Now I am not a jumpy guy at all but it scared the crap out of me and I am sure they got a good chuckle. I just waved and rang my bell.

This will not keep me from biking where I need to. It will not cause me to cower near the curb or parked traffic. If anything it will cause me to get further out into the lane so they will have to run me over! (Speaking of that, my wife contacted our insurance agent to see what kind of coverage I had in case someone decided to do that and then drive off. I would encourage everyone to do the same thing.)

I have a good feeling about 2009. I look forward to this spring because I know that there are going to be so many more people on bikes! The more of us that are out there the more we will be seen and be respected as vehicles. 2009 will see an increase in bike commuting in Fort Wayne and I am glad to be a part of it. I am so proud of all of you out there, and you should be proud of yourselves, that you have chosen to get out of your cars and on to a bike whenever possible. You are helping to improve this community just a wee bit everytime you do that. Thanks.
Stay safe.


MichaelK said...

The worst I've had lately is some dumb high school kids yelling at me from a car.

BTW, have a look at Those guys need a floor to sleep on when they pass through here... I don't know that I'm going to have one, so...

fwbikecommuter said...

Thanks for the info on the
That is awesome! I hope that they are able to pull it off. It is a sweet goal too to want just 1000 people pedal to work.
Ride On.

Carlos U. said...

Hey MichaelK & fwbikecommuter,

I'm Carlos from the project you were speaking about. Thank you very much for your interest, it always gives us a good boost of confidence when we see comments about the ride. Cheers for that!

Michael is right, we still need a place to stay for our 2 nights in Fort Wayne.

Would you be interested in helping out with that? We have VERY similar goals and I think a collaboration between us would be wonderful. We will be getting press in many of our stops, and would love to feature your blog on our site when we are stopped.

Please email me at if you yourself can, or know someone else who would be willing.

Thank you for any help! I think we could get something great going.

Kindest Regards,


fwbikecommuter said...

We'll figure something out. I spoke to the wife and she has given a thumbs up so check Ft. Wayne off of your list. Press or not we're glad to support what you are doing.