Sunday, December 28, 2008


About three weeks ago (sorry about the time delay) I was chugging along the St Joseph Pathway in some less than ideal conditions. It was early (about 7:10 AM) and dark but I had my lights on and the pathway is lit so I was visible.
As usual I was very careful to look every direction as I approached the light at the Tennessee Bridge. The light was green and I had the right of way. There was a van stopped at the intersection (in the eastbound lane), it had the words East Wayne Street Center painted on the side. I made eye contact with the driver and felt comfortable to proceed.
As I reached the middle of the intersection the driver thought that that it would be funny to take his foot off of the brake momentarily and then re apply the brake. Obviously in an effort to psych me into thinking that he was going to proceed. The conditions were slick and I almost over reacted and went down but didn't thank God. I made eye contact with the driver and the passenger again to see both of them laughing. In my younger and less tolerant days I probably would have flown the finger. But I chalked it up to the fact that for all of those drivers out there that have been so considerate there are going to be a number of them that aren't. I think the thing that made me the most angry was the fact that those two guys thought it was funny. Another thing that annoyed me was that the East Wayne Street Center does some great things in this community and this type of behavior reflects poorly on that organization. My wife told me that I should call the Center and complain. I told her that they would just deny it and it wasn't worth it. They were just screwing with me. Pretty sophomoric in my opinion.

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