Monday, July 23, 2012

Taking a break for a while

Hey Ya'll,
I have been posting to this thing for a while now, and it is time to take a break.  I will continue to update the twitter feed with planning and bike related stuff though (seen on the right hand side of the page).  I want to go back through all of the old posts that I did not label so that the page is more easily explored. That is all for now, thanks for reading and don't forget Courteous Mass 2nd Friday of the month 6:15PM meet up at Lawton Park, ride at 6:30PM.
Ride Safe!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"You ride your bike in this?"

This is the question that I often get if the weather is less than perfect.  I have said it before, I think summer is the worst season to be a bike commuter.  I have to ride slow trying to slow down the drips of perspiration.  But they still come allowing me to have to take a bath in my workplace's bathroom sink.  I have been trying to leave a little earlier so I have some time to cool down before I report to my cubicle but that doesn't even seem to help.
SO what should you do?
  1. Stay hydrated.  I am drinking 5-6 liters of water a day in this God forsaken heat!
  2. Don't ride in the same clothes that you plan on wearing to work.
  3. Take it like a rat all the time knowing that the worst season for riding your bike is immediately followed by the best season, Fall.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Courteous Mass July 2012

We are excited to get back into it.
Here is the drill.
All parties are welcome to join and help bring common courtesy back to the streets. For those who need a refresher on what Courteous Mass is, here is the deal:
  1. The ride will respect and abide by the city’s traffic laws.
  2. Rides will be on the slow side to ensure no one is dropped and that the Mass stays a mass
  3. The Mass will only take up one lane, two when necessary for safety.
  4. The ride will stop at red lights and stop signs. If a light turns red mid-mass, the riders who made the light should safely pull over to wait for those who were caught by the light.
  5. Riders are asked to signal turns, call out danger, and communicate their intentions to other riders.
  6. All riders are required to wear helmets
The goal of these rides is to be a visible and positive example of the cooperation that can exist between cars and bicycles when people respect the laws and each other. So join the Mass and help make Fort Wayne a better place for bicycles.

Ride is every 2nd Friday of the Month which is TOMORROW FRIDAY THE 13TH Meet at Lawton Park by the Softball Fields at 6:15, Ride at 6:30.

This is a 3 Rivers Velo Sports sponsored ride.  Thanks again to their Board for allowing us to bring it back!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

When the Bad Guys Ride Bikes

History on this fine Wednesday

A co-worker of mine found this in a box that he bought at a recent auction.  Best I can tell it is original and in terrific condition.  I believe that this is the first of the modern bike design by Columbia Bikes that hasn't changed very much to this day.  Notice the date. Pretty cool.  You can see one of the original bikes HERE