Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Anyone doing the Chili Challenge?

Well, last year it was chilly to say the least but I hear that it will be in the 40s this year. Starts at 1pm at the Psi Ote pavilion at Northside Park.
Last year's highlight was watching everyone eat it on the ice and the crazies jumping into the river. There won't be any ice on the greenway this year but there figures to still be crazies jumping in the river.
You don't have to ride the whole thing either. C'Mon out and start off the new year right.
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Dark Helmet

Helmet Wars: A gripping account of the great bicycle helmet campaigns | Grist

I wear a helmet and don't plan on not wearing one for a while.
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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

That's really all I have for you. Thanks for reading and be safe out there.
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Monday, December 20, 2010

I think the real reason bike sharing isn't taking off everywhere is because gas is still cheap

"The biggest reason bike sharing is not really happening in the U.S. is the dire need to find additional revenue streams to fund programs." - Jason Meinzer, CityRyde

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"New-car smell" cited in Edwards hit-and-run case By Randy Wyrick Vail Daily

EAGLE—"New-car smell" might have contributed to a driver losing consciousness in a July hit-and-run accident, his lawyers claim.

Martin Erzinger was driving a new 2010 Mercedes sedan when he rear-ended bicyclist Dr. Steven Milo, about 1:30 p.m. July 3.

Erzinger's attorneys say their client suffers from sleep apnea and fell asleep at the wheel before driving off U.S. Highway 6 and onto the shoulder near Miller Ranch Road, hitting Milo, who sustained injuries, from behind.

Erzinger had purchased the car about a month before the accident. Accident reconstructionist John Koziol found in his investigation the sedan was emitting new car fumes, court documents said. It might have been a contributing factor, documents said.

Now that is a good lawyer, I'll tell you what.

From the other day.

I posted this the other day on Twitter. But thought I would throw it up here on the blog as well. The advice for you today regarding winter commuting? Layers. Layer your clothes. It is so much more effective. When it is 8 degrees out I will have on: a base layer, a micro fleece layer, a long sleeve t shirt and my gore tex shell. Try it out. Thanks for reading and take care out.there.
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

cold weather bike commuter has warm heart

It has been really nice to see more than a couple of hearty souls out there braving the busier plowed streets lately. I love to see it! The more the better.
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hello Winter and December CM2 this Friday

Last week in a scramble I ran my bike to the shop to put on the Schwalbe Marathon Snow tires that I received in the mail a few days ago and am I glad I did.

It has been cold and snowy and actually, pretty nice. For me it has been a nice change because I was able to be prepared for it. Knowing that I cannot wear too much clothing I believe is the most important lesson that I have learned over the last couple winters that I have been commuting.

Don't forget that we have our Critical Manners/Courteous Mass ride this Friday, Lawton Park at 6:30. It promises to be: dark (bring lights and wear light colored clothing) and cold (wear enough but wear it in layers in case you start to perspire).