Tuesday, June 28, 2011

bike repair vending machines? Holy Cow!

Check Out Minneapolis’ Bike Repair Vending Machines | Transportation Nation
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Some sweet bike parking

Bike parking is so key in order to grow its use as an alternative to driving your car.
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Consider joining the 2 Mile Challenge

It is sponsored by Clif (you know they make bars). You log your miles in Clif's effort to reduce 100,000 car trips. It is relatively painless and a good reminder to get on your bike instead of in the car. You join 1 of three teams depending on where your heart lies. Go for it Fort Wayne Bike Commuters.

Texted this yesterday but it is so awesome had to put it up here too

NYT: Europe Stifles Drivers in Favo
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Non Motorized infrastructure creates more jobs

Pedestrian and Bicycle Infrastructure: A National Study of Employment Impacts

Garrett-Peltier, Heidi



Pedestrian and bicycling infrastructure such as sidewalks, bike lanes, and trails, can all be used for transportation, recreation, and fitness. These types of infrastructure have been shown to create many benefits for their users as well as the rest of the community. Some of these benefits are economic, such as increased revenues and jobs for local businesses, and some are non-economic benefits such as reduced congestion, better air quality, safer travel routes, and improved health outcomes. While other studies have examined the economic and non-economic impacts of the use of walking and cycling infrastructure, few have analyzed the employment that results from the design and construction of these projects. In this study we estimate the employment impacts of building and refurbishing transportation infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians. We analyze various transportation projects and use state-specific data to estimate the number of jobs created within each state where the project is located.

The data for this study were gathered from departments of transportation and public works departments from 11 cities in the United States. Using detailed cost estimates on a variety of projects, we use an input-output model to study the direct, indirect, and induced employment that is created through the design, construction, and materials procurement of bicycle, pedestrian, and road infrastructure. We evaluate 58 separate projects and present the results by project, by city, and by category. Overall we find that bicycling infrastructure creates the most jobs for a given level of spending: For each $1 million, the cycling projects in this study create a total of 11.4 jobs within the state where the project is located. Pedestrian-only projects create an average of about 10 jobs per $1 million and multi-use trails create nearly as many, at 9.6 jobs per $1 million. Infrastructure that combines road construction with pedestrian and bicycle facilities creates slightly fewer jobs for the same amount of spending, and road-only projects create the least, with a total of 7.8 jobs per $1 million. On average, the 58 projects we studied create about 9 jobs per $1 million within their own states. If we add the spill-over employment that is created in other states through the supply chain, the employment impact rises by an average of 3 additional jobs per $1 million.

Little education action from Parkview

Parkview continues to do right by Fort Wayne in helping to educate cyclists and drivers alike. Thank you Parkview.
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

My bike locker returns!

As you all know, the City offices have moved to Citizens Square. I have been having to park my beautiful Breezer Finesse on the street for the last 6 weeks. But this week my bike locker was relocated and I am so happy! So is my bike, especially with all of the rain that we've had lately.
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

More exposure is always good.

Bicyclists should ride with traffic | The Journal Gazette | Fort Wayne, IN
I was riding down S. Hanna yesterday and a cyclist was riding against traffic. I was not going to change my line and at the last second he swerved around me. 2 seconds later a FWPD passed me. I sometimes wish that blatant disregard for traffic laws were enforced. If he was a car he would have been ticketed.
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Friday, June 10, 2011

Courteous Mass/Critical Manners for June 10th - yeah I spaced that it was tonight!

All parties are welcome to join and help bring common courtesy back to the streets. For those who need a refresher on what Courteous Mass/Critical Manners is, here is the deal:
• The ride will respect and abide the city’s traffic laws.
• Rides will be on the slow side to ensure no one is dropped and that the Mass stays a mass.
• The Mass will only take up one lane, two when necessary for safety.
• The ride will stop at red lights and stop signs. If a light turns red mid-mass, the riders who made the light should safely pull over to wait for those who were caught by the light.
• Riders are asked to signal turns, call out danger, and communicate their intentions to other riders.

The goal of these rides is to be a visible and positive example of the cooperation that can exist between cars and bicycles when people respect the laws and each other.
Also, to help those who maybe aren't used to cycling vehicularly. There are a few of us who do it all the time so we could throw you some pointers! (i.e. it is a learning experience).
So join the CM2 and help make Fort Wayne a better place for bicycles. This Friday at Lawton Park by the Softball Field near Spy Run Creek. We meet at 6:15 and ride at 6:30

Thursday, June 9, 2011

This guy crashed into a taxi for you (if you are in NYC)

From Grist:

Casey Neistat moved out of the bike lane to avoid an obstruction -- like a deliberately parked cop car? MAYBE -- and got busted for not riding in the lane. But he's a good citizen; he paid his $50 debt to society and resolved to never, ever deviate from the bike lane again. Here is the result.

Incidentally, yes, it's legal to deviate from the bike lane for safety, including to avoid things that are in your way. It is NOT legal to park in a bike lane. But "laws" are for people who aren't in the NYPD

Do we really need five lanes through the middle of downtown?

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cars in bike lane, bikes running lights and drug dealers on the way home

Yes folks, that is a car stopped at a red light, in the bike lane. Please note, that this car had just passed me on the right! This older gentleman should not have a driver's license. But to be fair, a block up the road, a cyclist ran the red light at Lafayette. I also witnessed a possible drug deal across the street from Lakeside park. It was quite an exciting commute home!
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