Friday, December 30, 2011

The Fort Wayne Bike Commuter bike highlights for 2011

Well, it seems that everyone has to have a year in review. Whether it be movies or fashion or politics or what. So I thought that it might be kind of fun to do a year in review for biking (as I know it)in Fort Wayne.

I will state here that I know that there are many things that I will overlook during this first stab at it. I try to hit some high points. If you care to become involved, please feel free to throw our some stuff in the comment section! Hint, hint.


1. The Wabash and Erie Canal Towpath Trail was completed! This significant investment in infrastructure by the City of Fort Wayne has further connected all of the Aboite trails to the river greenway trails. This section is 5.5 miles. I have not had a chance to ride it yet, but everyone tells me that it is sweet.

2. A 1.5 mile long section of 37 (Stellhorn Rd) was repaved with a much wider shoulder giving cyclists a larger riding area. This section is marked as a Bike Route.

3. Over 200 bike racks have been installed all over the City of Fort Wayne. Most of them are in and around the core. Let’s hope that this program can continue because bike parking continues to help encourage cycling!


1. Bicycle Indiana has taken up the cause again to try and push a three feet passing law! Let your legislators know that this is important to you! Go HERE. Editorial Comment: Passing a low like this does not mean that we expect police to enforce this law. You cannot expect police to ticket for this…unless a driver hits a cyclist! This law is meant to protect cyclist’s rights! If I get run over then a ticket would be issued. If a ticket is issued then the driver is shown to be at fault. Then we won’t here any more of this, “It was an accident!”


1. The Bike Corral was out in full force this year at 5 different community events like: Taste of the Arts and the Johnny Appleseed Festival. It should be noted that this is a purely volunteer effort! These fine folks parked over 800 bikes at the various events downtown making it easier to ride! Hello! Awesome.

2. Bike Month and Bike to Work continues to get better every year. I do not know specific numbers for businesses that were involved but I have heard more about it every year so that is a plus. I have some friends that work over at Lincoln and they said there were over 25 people that rode their bikes to work! I loved how they brought the in the Library in partnership with Cinema Center and showed one of my family’s favorite movies, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.

3. The Bicycle Indiana Commuter Challenge took place between July1 and September 30. Teams were set up and you logged number of trips by bike and miles travelled. Fort Wayne fielded 3 teams. They were the Fort Wayne Bike Commuters, Summit City, and Three Rivers Velo Sports. Combined, these three Fort Wayne teams made 1,789 trips by bicycle and logged over 11,000 miles. I am proud to say the FWBC logged the most trips and most miles for the entire state! Great job to everyone!

4. Courteous Mass Critical Manners continued through most of the year. I am debating continuing to lead this ride or not although some months it is very successful but some are real lightly attended. I kind of feel that we should be riding on main streets to get the point across but also feel that by doing that I am liable should anything happen so I am torn. Ah, screw it. We'll do it again in the spring if you all are into it.

5. Ride of Silence. This year's ride of silence was awesome. I was so glad that Brian Clissold stepped up to help organize it and that the FWPD offered to give us a Police Escort! You can read more about that HERE


1. 15 year old Brian A. Craig of Fort Wayne was hit and killed on Clinton Street at around 6PM on Friday, November 11th. Read more about that HERE

Anecdotally, I see a lot more folks on bikes then I ever have and that gets me stoked! Help to encourage your friends and neighbors to get out there and bike.

Is this list too short? What can you do to help? Whatever you want! We all need to work together to to make Fort Wayne a better place to ride. Got some ideas? Give me a shout and I will help or find someone who can.

Happy New Year everyone.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It would save lives even if you think that it is against your personal freedom!

Published: December 21, 2011 3:00 a.m.
Ban a demonstrated lifesaver
Washington Post editorial

Personal electronic devices have dramatically changed the way most people go about their lives – largely for the better. But irresponsible use has also introduced serious hazards.

Last year, about eight people died each day in vehicle accidents linked to distracted driving and the use of electronic devices. These 3,029 avoidable tragedies were a catalyst for the National Transportation Safety Board’s groundbreaking and potentially life-saving “no call, no text, no update” proposal last week. The board unanimously urged states to pass legislation banning the use of personal electronic devices while driving. The board proposed a narrow exception for emergencies. It also called on the CTIA, The Wireless Association and the Consumer Electronics Association to encourage development of technology that would dis-able portable devices within reach of the driver when a vehicle is in motion but could be overridden in emergency situations.

The dangers of texting while driving have been thoroughly documented, including in a study by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, which showed that texting renders drivers 23 times more likely to have an accident or a close call. Thirty-five states (including Indiana) and the District of Columbia have banned texting while driving.

States have been slower to prohibit cellphone conversations. Yet studies show that speaking on a cellphone while driving distracts a driver more than listening to music or speaking with a passenger. D.C. and 10 states prohibit talking on a hand-held device while driving, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

The use of a hands-free device does not appear to diminish the risks and in some cases may increase them. Research has shown that drivers who speak on hand-held devices at least tend to compensate by slowing down, while those on hand-free devices tend not to display more caution.

The American Insurance Association, which supports a total ban, calls the use of mobile devices by drivers “a major epidemic.” Public awareness, legislation and enforcement are key to weaning drivers off of these devices. It should not take another 3,000 deaths.

I hope someone in charge reads this.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fort Wayne Trails Survey

Gotta tell you all, I love trails.  I use the trails almost everyday.  I think trails make our City better and get more people on bikes which is what we all want right? 

I think that the only way to get trails near everyone though is by utilizing on street trails like: bike boulevards or protected bike lanes.  This is mentioned in one of the questions and my suggestion is that you vote for it.  Trails can cost many hundreds of thousands of dollars per mile of trail.  This is not sustainable.  I ask that you consider it.  We need more infrastructure and do not have the luxury of not considering other means.


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3 foot law in Indiana! Please follow link and contact Representatives

Bicycle Indiana needs your support for a statewide three-foot passing law!

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