Thursday, January 15, 2009

Congressman Earl Blumenauer is on our side

Well, tonight was the first night this week that I was not honked at or yelled at on Columbia St as I rode home from work. I can't explain it except for maybe they are all getting used to me.

As you know it is cold here and this week has been particularly so. I am still biking everyday and it never ceases to amaze how many people comment to me at work how I am insane. It isn't bad at all though I gotta tell you. I'll take the extreme cold over extreme hot anyday.

It has been so cold that after leaving my bike out all day at work, my generator lights do not function properly. I had to run up to Summit Bikes to get some back up head light and tail light action for the ol' Breezer. O well. It is worth it for saving my life.

I came accross this article the other day and I think it is well worth sharing with all of you.
Check it. I know, of course he is from Oregon but we don't have advocates like this from Indiana so you gotta like him even though!


MichaelK said...

Sadly, we live in a place where the majority of people are going to think we're nuts to ride in anything but sunny summer weather, and that we'll die if we're out after sundown.

fwbikecommuter said...

Things wll change. Although I myself show very little patience in the meantime it's true.

eric said...

Has anyone filed for that $20 a month stipend from their employer? I would definitely qualify but will not apply because it was part of the bankster bailouts.