Monday, July 26, 2010

Governor Quinn Signs Legislation to Protect Bicyclists on Illinois Roadways New Laws Urge Drivers and Bicyclists to Share the Road

Sorry, this might be old news to some of you but I find this to be very encouraging especially since the Indiana Legislature is more worried about people being able to bring their guns to work!

Kudos to Illinois!

One of the few downfalls of riding your bike to work

Bikes taking over parking spaces? What's next? Cats and Dogs living together!

Don't know if we need this just yet here in Fort Wayne but it is something to keep on the back burner if there is continued interest in downtown redevelopment. Of course it would be a fight due to the fact that for some reason parking is such a premium in the downtown (perceived not necessarily reality) Might be used in front of JK's or something.
Read the whole story here

Sunday, July 25, 2010

This is awesome!

My fellow Fort Wayne Bike Commuter, Vince, sent this to me and I think that it is about the best way of explaining how commuters, or any cyclist for that matter, should ride when sharing the road with cars! This is how I ride since taking the class from the League of American Bicyclist. I ride this way and feel much safer doing it.
It was produced by someone in Orlando but it is applicable everywhere.
Click in this LINK to view it
Enjoy and share it with your friends!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Critcal Manners/Couteous Mass July Recap

What a success!
By far our biggest turnout with 25 or so riders. And most of them first timers which is terrific. Hopefully you all come back for more!
Thanks to all who came out.
The route wasn't the best but we are still trying to perfect the art of riding in a group while not breaking any laws while staying safe (we had some kids this month).
So next month we might be on some busier roads. Although traffic was heavy downtown with 3 rivers fest going on.
Forgot my camera again though so no photographic evidence of the ride.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Are Blue Bikelanes Better than Black? by Lloyd Alter, Toronto on 06.30.10

A recent study in the UK, reported in the Guardian, showed that drivers give less room to cyclists when there is a bike lane than when there isn't. Graduate student Ciaran Meyers attached a special camera to his bike and found that motorists gave him an extra 18.1 cm (7.12 inches) when there was no marked cycle lane than they did when there was a lane.

I think they do but think about how much all that paint would cost! I am kidding...paint is cheap!
The rest of the story Here

Critcal Manners/Courteous Mass

Yeah, it is still going on.
Lat month we had a bit of bad weather that limited our numbers but we are looking for a monster comeback and the weather is supposed to be pretty nice so come on out!
From the Critical Manners Facebook page:

Do you like to ride your bicycle? Do you want to meet other people who ride bikes? Would you like to reduce the level of antagonism between bicycles and cars? Then join Critical Manners/Courteous Mass on the second Friday of the month. Riders should gather around 6:15 at Lawton Park so the ride can begin at 6:30.

All parties are welcome to join and help bring common courtesy back to the streets. For those who need a refresher on what Critical Manners/Courteous Mass is, here is the deal:
• The ride will respect and abide the city’s traffic laws.
• Rides will be on the slow side to ensure no one is dropped and that the Mass stays a mass.
• The Mass will only take up one lane, two when necessary for safety.
• The ride will stop at red lights and stop signs. If a light turns red mid-mass, the riders who made the light should safely pull over to wait for those who were caught by the light.
• Riders are asked to signal turns, call out danger, and communicate their intentions to other riders.

The goal of these rides is to be a visible and positive example of the cooperation that can exist between cars and bicycles when people respect the laws and each other. So join the Mass and help make Fort Wayne a better place for bicycles.This Friday at Lawton Park by the Softball Field.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Follow up on the San Francisco story

Hit-and-Run Rampage Suspect Arrested After Reporting Vehicle Carjacked

by Matthew Roth on June 4, 2010

Investigators from the San Francisco and Albany police departments have arrested the suspected driver of an SUV who went on a rampage and targeted four cyclists in San Francisco Wednesday night.

The unidentified man, described only as a 40-year-old white male, was taken into custody in Albany at around 1 p.m. today after he showed up at the Albany Police Department to report his vehicle had been carjacked.

"We have significant evidence to lead us to believe this suspect was involved in the incident," said San Francisco Police Chief George Gascón. But he cautioned they had not established a motive nor would they divulge too much information about the ongoing investigation.

At a press conference this afternoon, Gascón described the case as being "of great significance" to his department. "We had an individual who went around the city and basically mowed down four cyclists," he said.

According to the SFPD, because the suspect still has to be medically cleared and completely booked, the SFPD is withholding his name and many details about him, but police said he is a likely resident of Albany.

"We don't want to do anything today to jeopardize the case," Gascón said.

SFPD Sgt. Jon Kasper, who led the investigation, gave a summary of the 36 hour investigation, saying his department worked closely with the Albany PD.

Kasper said the registered owner of a 2008 blue Nissan Rogue SUV had fled the scene after driving into the fourth cyclist and managed to evade the police until today.

During the investigation the SFPD went to the home where the suspect's car had been registered, only to find out he had moved. They tracked him to his new address, but he wasn't there either. The SFPD conducted joint surveillance with the Albany PD, but the suspect continued to evade them.

The suspect will be charged with one count of attempted murder, one count of assault with a deadly weapon with attempt to cause body harm, and one count of felony hit and run for each of the victims, bringing his total charges to 12.

Beyond the injuries to the cyclists, there were no other reported injuries. Several cars sustained damage in the series of events.
The SFPD wouldn't elaborate on the reasons for the medical screening during booking, but didn't rule out physical injuries or mental instability. Gascón said more information will likely be released today and over the weekend.