Friday, January 8, 2010

Man Down!

Interesting commute this morning.
Roads were pretty bad but not terrible.
I have to ride on Crescent and Lake on days like this.
I was thinking about work and what I had to do today as I approached the intersection of Crescent and Tennessee. Now normally, I know when I am on Ice and even with the studded tires I try to center myself and be careful. But this morning I was not paying attention to the fact that after they had salted Crescent that it had all slid down the hill and refrozen into a 1 inch thick sheet of black ice and boom, I am on the ground.
It has been many years since I took a spill on my bike so I was due for sure. I am okay and it will not deter me from doing what I do. It didn't ruin my day and was actually kinda funny that after I bailed that I continued to slide really slowly all tangled up in my bike.


Jugomugo said...

Glad you're OK! Least it wasn't a hit and run driver.

MichaelK said...

There's that moment sitting there on the ice, before you really feel it and you're watching the scenery go by slowly, where it's almost like you're living in a cartoon.

But then the cold gets through your pants and OW.