Friday, January 8, 2010

If more people biked then our air would improve

So, who is in charge of our air?
What is going to be done to alleviate the problem that has persisted?
When will it be bad enough that some sort of action is taken other than free rides on the bus?

Allen County has gone in and out of compliance as its air quality improved slightly in recent years but was expected by local officials to go back into violation when the March 2008 standards were applied here. The proposed standards are even tougher, making compliance extremely unlikely.

The whole story from the Journal Gazette


Anonymous said...

If the city of Fort Wayne has 20 years to become compliant will they wait as long as possible before actually doing something? Is there any way we as bike riders can speed up the process? People we can write to or call to get more bike lanes on the city streets which in turn would help encourage more commuting riders. And, there by reducing emmisions. VC

fwbikecommuter said...

Thanks for the comment!
In the next couple of weeks I am interested in getting some people together to form a Fort Wayne Bike Commuters group. This is a great topic for conversation!
I will announce a date and time on the blog and I hope that you would consider attending.