Thursday, December 20, 2012

2013 Chilly Challenge

Hey there gang.
This is coming up fast so I thought I had better put something out there about it.
Chilly Challenge info from 3 Rivers Velo Sports.  As always it is on New Year's Day!  1PM

In a nutshell. a few hundred of us crazies meet at Psi Ote Barn at Northside Park and ride up to Johnny Appleseed park to go watch the Real Crazies jump in the St. Joseph River.

 Here is video of last year's Real Crazies.

From there you can continue on to get in 15 or 25 miles. It is co sponsored by the Parks Department.  After you are done, we all meet back where we started and eat some chili and other fine snacks for free!  Thanks 3RVS!

I think this will be my 5th year doing it and it always is pretty entertaining.  I sure hope it's nice out.  The coldest I remember has been 7 degrees F a few years back.  The pace is usually pretty mellow so I always wear an extra layer or two.

Hope to see you there.

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