Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Random thoughts.....

I found this image on the Real Geeks Ride site. They were here last summer as some of you recall.

Our man Vince is there leading the pack and there's Joe, who I just ran into in the elevator of the City County building the other day, right behind him. I know Eric is in there somewhere on his Fixie among others.

I have no idea why I am reminiscing about that ride other than the fact that lately I have been getting a little more cross than usual with regard to cars. It might have something to do with me getting buzzed the other day on Spy Run. Which then begins this cycle of me getting further into the road in an effort to protect myself, thereby pissing more drivers off, and then they buzz me (I am totally exaggerating, I only get buzzed a few times a year)
Maybe it is the weather or the time of year but almost every driver that I see looks so unhappy and I am paranoid that they are going to flex their mechanized muscle onto me in order to prove their dominance. The worst is when they do it just to do it. It helps to remind me that there are douche bags everywhere. I digress.
It is paranoia I know but still, you don't see a smile on the faces of people in a car like you do on the folks in this picture.


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