Thursday, August 12, 2010

No, this isn't a story from The Onion

Neighbors say "no" to Goshen bike path
By Clifton French (

GOSHEN — A plan for a bike path in Goshen has some people very angry. Now, one family is trying to stop it.

The family has been in front of their house picketing since Monday and they don't plan to stop until plans for the path are called off. The path has been in the planning along Wilden Avenue for 10 years. The Moreland family bought their home 3 years ago and say they had never heard about the plans until July.

"We're going to have bicycles zooming through here," Tracy Moreland said. "I can't even have my babies playing in the front yard anymore because I'm afraid they're going to get hit by a bicycle."

The rest of this amazingly screwed up story

I love it, "we're going to have bicycles zooming through here". Classic.
A good lesson, research your future real estate property thoroughly, you never know what might be planned for your area.

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Anonymous said...

So where are the parents while thier babies are playing in the front yard. Maybe they should buy a wagon or some tricycles and join in on the fun. There are those of use that would love to have a walkwy/trail on Stellhorn. VC