Thursday, August 12, 2010

Infrastructure a comin’

Well, as a person who works and rides downtown seeing the resurfacing of Superior Street is bad and good. The bad part has been riding on the ground up road and having to dodge the manholes and water boxes that now stick up a couple inches above the pavement. The good part is not here yet. That will be once the sharrows or bike lanes (or whatever the City decides to put down) are complete!

This is according to the Bike Fort Wayne Plan under the designing and building a bikeway network section. It can be viewed here

That is exciting stuff considering this road is where many of the trails dump out into the downtown! Kudos to the Bike Task Force for seeing that this is an area that is important to the overall network to connect the City by bikers.

The Fort Wayne Bike Commuter is stoked! (I use it twice daily)

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