Friday, April 17, 2009


Well, I have to tell you all.

No matter what you think of the Harrison Square project in Downtown Fort Wayne, I believe that it is awesome. Here is why.

After work last night I hustled over to JK O'Donnells and met my wife and another couple for dinner and the place was pretty full. We had a great meal and then I had to go to a meeting. On my walk to the car, I noticed a couple of old Schwinn tandems locked to a pole. I passed a great number of people walking and riding their bikes as I strolled north on Calhoun.

After my meeting I parked at the City County building and pulled my bike out of the bike lockers there and rode down Calhoun toward the Botanical Conservatory. I passed even more people walking and riding their bikes around the downtown area. I ran into some neighbor friends of ours who had just dropped their teenage boys at the ballpark and they asked me if I knew where they could get a piece of pie downtown. I was stumped (business oppotrunity?). I continued south to Douglas and turned west toward the sound of the crowd and the lights. I was amazed to see all the people standing outside the ballpark! I continued toward the bike racks at the main entrance and was pleasantly surprised to see that all of th racks were full! I'm not kidding. I had to lock up to a pole!
So, why was it awesome? People are out. Meeting each other at public places and walking and riding their bikes rather than their cars. Urbanism baby! It warms the Fort Wayne Bike Commuter's heart.


Derrick said...

nice blog

Screaming Monkey said...

Like I've done so many times being a truck driver I pass through cities without ever getting off the beatin trail. Sometimes I'll pass through a town everyday for years without realizing there are other parts of the city, like I've done with Ft. Wayne. My goal is to bring my bike up there one day this summer and explore.

S. Monkey