Monday, December 22, 2008

I am a vehicle!

Well, as you all know it has been a rough few days for those of us living in the Fort.
I am not going to get into it very much because that is all I have been slammed with by every news station and a few of the blogs.
I will tell you this though. I didn't bike on Friday due to the seriousness of the weather. I know, I know you are saying to yourself, "I thought you were going to ride everyday FW Bike Commuter!"
Yeah, I should have said in any condition other than a freezing rain storm.
Oh well, I did bike today though. That has gotta mean something, right?
Since the roads have been so bad I have been forced onto the main drags since those are the only half decent roads.
It has been great. I am actually riding like a vehicle. I am not cowering near the curb in fear for my life. I am riding in the street in the right hand tire tracks of the cars and it has been treating me well so far. People are forced to pay attention to me when I am in the middle of the road. Surprisingly, I have only had a couple occasions in the last few days when the angry driver floors it by me because I have caused them to add 15-20 seconds to their journey to the suburbs. People have been very patient and courteous and for that I am very appreciative.
I am a vehicle!
Anywho...I hope that everyone gets power back soon. Stay safe out there and keep riding!

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