Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Number 1 in trips and #2 in miles

You know when this thing started, I would have never thought that the Fort Wayne Bike Commuters could put in 1000 trips in 3 months. That is not going to be a problem, we might be there next week. Thanks to all of you for logging all of the trips and miles! It shows that there is a huge bicycling commuter population here in the Fort.

Congrats to the Summit City and Three Rivers Velo Sports teams as well. They didn't want to be on our team but they are a part of our City so kudos to all of the participants that they have recruited.

Between the 3 Fort Wayne teams we have logged 1,145 trips by bike for a total of 7,200 miles. Ginormous!

From Bicycle Indiana
2011 Bicycle Indiana Commute Challenge
Ride Your Drive and Win
Individual and Team Results as of September 6, 2011

Top 20 Individual Results - High Mileage
Mary Craighead 1351
James Lynn 1322
Chuck Reidy 1191
Rick Cox 1018
Nate Gernert 966
Doreen Crenshaw 964
Dan Atkinson 995
Jeffrey Kenny 951
Doug Wengerd 904
John Marshall 886
Tyler Stambaugh 881
Angel Campos 798
Aaron Hawkins 756
Don Golden 679
John Cook 581
Sam Callaway 542
cam starnes 532
Kurt Weisner 531
James Walter 530
Tom McCain 517

Team Results - High Mileage
INDYCOG Total 5662
Fort Wayne Bike Commuters Total 4860
Bike Richmond Total 2411
CIBA Total 1998
Summit City Bicycles Total 1722
Bike Michiana Total 1419
Lonely Boys Total 1026
Three Rivers Velo Sport Total 798
Bicycle Indiana Total 756
BF&S Total 662
Jeff Kolp State Farm Total 420
Dude, Where's My Car? Total 358
Madison Area Bicycling Club Total 316
Evansville Bicycle Club Total 280
Machismo Cyclismo Total 33
KCV Cycling Club Total 30

Top 30 Individual Results – Most Trips
Wendy Reed Total 196
Alexander Saldivar Total 187
tom mcCain Total 180
Mark Stosberg Total 168
Mary Craighead Total 165
Jeffrey Kenny Total 153
PJ Thuringer Total 140
Tyler Stambaugh Total 120
Doreen Crenshaw Total 117
James Lynn Total 106
Kevin Whited Total 106
Aaron Hawkins Total 102
Matt McKimmy Total 98
Elizabeth Bonney Total 95
Becky McKimmy Total 92
Amy Hartzog Total 87
Jeremy McElroy Total 87
Doug Wengerd Total 85
Angel Campos Total 83
Kyle Baker Total 83
John Dockery Total 81
Paul Taylor Total 78
Dan Atkinson Total 75
John Lynn Total 111
Brian Meeker Total 74
Matt Reed Total 67
Rick Cox Total 60
Don Golden Total 59
Kurt Whited Total 55
Mark Berry Total 55

Fort Wayne Bike Commuters Total 906
INDYCOG Total 792
Bike Richmond Total 753
Dude, Where's My Car? Total 291
CIBA Total 221
Summit City Bicycles Total 156
Bike Michiana Total 144
Bicycle Indiana Total 92
BF&S Total 90
Three Rivers Velo Sport Total 83
Jeff Kolp State Farm Total 38
Lonely Boys Total 31
Madison Area Bicycling Club Total 24
Evansville Bicycle Club Total 13
Machismo Cyclismo Total 4
KCV Cycling Club Total 3

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