Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Letter to the Journal Gazette editor

This letter appeared in the Sunday paper.
I just love how positive it is!

City’s bike friendliness a welcome change
People are riding bicycles more and more these days.
The ad for Citilink’s “action day” to reduce the ozone really gets one thinking about the earth’s warming and the greenhouse effect. I choose to ride my bicycle and leave a smaller carbon footprint as often as I can. It is so impressive to see how the city has changed and that more folks are using a self-powered mode of transportation.
The city government is supportive in big way. Boulevards with bike lanes are now open. Bike racks placed strategically throughout the city and sidewalks sloped to street levels make it so convenient to cycle. The Rivergeenway can take a cyclist into other neighborhoods to visit family and friends.
Every day there seem to be more bicycles around town as people get used to the changes and think of ways to move around the city. One can get to downtown for dinner, baseball and the theater (you’ve got to love downtown dining, Parkview Field, the Embassy, Civic, Arena, Cinema Center, museums and the library).
Motorists are getting used to the increase in bicycle traffic and have found the bike lanes make them more aware of “sharing the road.” The cyclists find they are much safer on these city streets.
Bicycles and foot traffic have all increased, which shows how much “greener” Fort Wayne is thinking. We’re catching up to places such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston and even Europe. We’re smarter than just a generation ago. Let’s keep the changes coming.
THOMAS A. MAY Fort Wayne

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