Tuesday, May 10, 2011

NIRCC pretty much solely decides where transport $ will be spent and on what

This is kind of a big deal for NIRCC. As long as I have known what they are and what they do, I have never heard of them looking for any type of public input! Hopefully we are not too late! Won't you try to help?

Letter from Northeast Indiana Regional Coordinating Council.
They are the agency that administers all transportation money for our area.
If you do not call the number below to voice your stance on biking then less money will be spent on biking and pedestrian infrastructure! Please Act Now!
Here is the link to their website

Are you concerned about traffic? Would you like to help influence how
travel improvements are made in your area?

Travel and traffic seem to have increased everywhere. Improving safety and reducing congestion in our area is important.
For this reason, the Regional Coordinating Council is conducting the Ft. Wayne-Allen County Regional Travel Survey so we can learn ways to better meet your travel needs. To do this, we need your help to understand how and when you travel from one place to another, whether it is by car, bus, walking or biking.

In April or May, an interviewer from our research partner Westat, will be calling for the Regional Travel Survey and will ask some questions about you and your household and will ask you to tell us about the trips you make for just one day. When you participate, your household will represent thousands of other households in Allen County. The results of this study will help regional planners effectively address transportation needs in our area. Your participation is voluntary and any personal or identifying information will be kept confidential.

Taking part in this survey is simple. When you are called, just spend a few minutes on the phone answering some questions about your household. You will be asked to record your travel for one specific day. We will send you a diary to help you keep track of where you go that day. An interviewer will call you back soon after your travel day to ask you questions about that day.

By participating in this survey, you can help us better understand the needs of our
community and develop plans and programs to address our ever changing transportation
needs. Enclosed you will find a small token of appreciation for your help. If you would like to learn more about the survey, you may visit our Web site at www.nircc.com

If you have any questions about the survey, please call our survey manager, Susan Swain, at 1-888-817-2810 or by email at FtWayneAllenCountyRegionalTravel@Westat.com.
You may also contact Dan Avery at 260-449-7309.
I thank you in advance for your participation.
Dan Avery
Executive Director, NIRCC

I just tried to call the 888 number and it was a fax machine.....figures. I will try the email in hopes that I am not too late to participate

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