Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I saw my first share the road license plate!

Pretty cool.
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Eric Fetcho said...

I almost bought this plate as i just renewed the plates on my vehicle, but i didnt because the regular plates were already a jaw dropping $230 for a year! I think it added another $30 for this plate.

The insane plate prices makes me want to sell my car, especially since ive been commuting so much, i havent drove it for a over week and the battery was dead when i went to get somthing out of it!

vserrani said...

Actually our plate price are much lower than they would be without fund from the Hoosier Lottery. If it wasn't for the Hoosier Lottery $130 million more dollars would need to be raised by the same tax. Therefore we should be thanking the poor of Indiana who help support your low vehicle excise tax one dollar at a time;) I have included a direct copy of the statement from the lotteries webpage and a link to the page below that. I believe as an avid cyclist license plate prices should be HIGHER. This would help discourage car ownership and increase mass transit options and more bicycle infrastructure.
Ride On! keep your excise tax low:
$130 million was directed to the Build Indiana Fund, which used it to offset your motor vehicle excise tax. Take a look at your vehicle registration form to see how much the Hoosier Lottery helped you. Click here to see the Build Indiana Fund Distribution Report for fiscal year 2010.

fwbikecommuter said...

Good stuff. Thanks for reading and the enlightened conversation.