Friday, April 8, 2011

Courteous Mass/Critical Manners

The rain is supposed to stop and the temperature at ride time is supposed to be 54 degrees so come on out and enjoy the spring weather and a pint at the Dash In afterwards.
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Anonymous said...

Appreciate the effort and anything to preserve the environment is a-ok in my book however this is coming off as a desperate attempt to seem cool and a bit pretencious. I've ridden my bike all over town for years without pushing it on others and celebrating over a cup of joe at dash in...

Riding your bike to work - awesome. Boasting about it all over social networking sites - cheese.

Its fort wayne.

Michael Mabee said...

A comment like this one is eventually going to happen when your blog is popular enough.

If you have read this blog for a significant amount of time or even just spend three minutes looking at the posts, you will notice the theme: bike commuter safety and awareness. The name of this ride is Courteous Mass/Critical Manners, which assembles a group of riders to utilize bike lanes and obey all traffic laws. There is nothing pretentious about an attempt to boost driver and biker awareness of the laws of the road. Because "its (sic) fort Wayne" there is little knowledge of these laws, which causes drivers a tremendous amount of frustration when they encounter a biker, as opposed to recognizing a bikers rights.

Also, if you read this particular post very carefully, you will notice the ride ended at Dash-In for a pint, not a cup of coffee.

fwbikecommuter said...

Thanks for reading. If you feel I am pushing things at you, then I would discontinue your relationship.
Mike, thanks for the great comments and for reading.