Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I have commuted by bike for 3 years straight this week

It has been a sweet run. I am stoked that I have been able to do it. Thanks for all of the support that everyone has given me. How long will it be before people stop asking me if I rode my bike to work today? Maybe ten more years?
It hasn't always been easy, it is sweet to know that it can be done though. After reading a few blogs from the twin cities area, I have it easy down here in FW. Those folks up there are serious!
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Big Oak said...

Congratulations! That's a great accomplishment!

fwbikecommuter said...

Thanks Big Oak!

Stanislavich said...

Hey, just found your blog on google...I had no idea about this. But my friends all commute and tour all the time and we also started this...


you should definitely check it out and even come out even if only to watch but I promise its a very addictive sport.

I also have a small collection of bike and you can check them out here, including my tourer...


Have a good one!

fwbikecommuter said...

Right on. I will check it out. Do you have to be on a fixed gear to play?
Thanks for reading.