Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Critical Manners/Courteous Mass March 2011

When will it be? Friday, March 11, 2011
Will it be cold? Probably mid to low 30s so no!
Will it be fun? Yes
Will it be a workout? Maybe, we don't ride that fast
Will we be on major roads? Maybe, Maybe not.

All parties are welcome to join and help bring common courtesy back to the streets. For those who need a refresher on what Critical Manners/Courteous Mass is, here is the deal:
• The ride will respect and abide the city’s traffic laws.
• Rides will be on the slow side to ensure no one is dropped and that the Mass stays a mass.
• The Mass will only take up one lane, two when necessary for safety.
• The ride will stop at red lights and stop signs. If a light turns red mid-mass, the riders who made the light should safely pull over to wait for those who were caught by the light.
• Riders are asked to signal turns, call out danger, and communicate their intentions to other riders.

The goal of these rides is to be a visible and positive example of the cooperation that can exist between cars and bicycles when people respect the laws and each other.
Also, to help those who maybe aren't used to cycling vehicularly. There are a few of us who do it all the time so we could throw you some pointer i.e. it is a learning experience.
So join the CM2 and help make Fort Wayne a better place for bicycles. This Friday at Lawton Park by the Softball Field. We meet at 6:15 and ride at 6:30


قوی سیاه said...


I got really excited when I found your blog. My husband and I live in DC area at the moment, but there is a great chance that we move to FW if we get an offer from one of the universities there. I was wondering how far you live from your work place and how long is your commute?

Many thanks,


fwbikecommuter said...

Thanks for reading.
Good luck withthat position.
I live 2.4 miles from my work in the lovely Northside neighborhood. It takes me 12-15 minutes to get to work. Let me know if you have any other questions.