Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Anyone doing the Chili Challenge?

Well, last year it was chilly to say the least but I hear that it will be in the 40s this year. Starts at 1pm at the Psi Ote pavilion at Northside Park.
Last year's highlight was watching everyone eat it on the ice and the crazies jumping into the river. There won't be any ice on the greenway this year but there figures to still be crazies jumping in the river.
You don't have to ride the whole thing either. C'Mon out and start off the new year right.
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Michael Mabee said...

I'll do it with you. Depending on the pre-party I amy jump in the river.

Ruby Green said...

Tempting! I'm sure I'll have some calories to burn!

Big Oak said...

I'll be there.

Mr. C said...

It was great to meet you today, PJ! Hope to see you on the roads again soon. Please tell Vince I said thanks! You can send him my email as well.


fwbikecommuter said...

@Mr. C,
Nice to meet you as well.
There must have been 3000 people riding.
Happy new year.

John said...

I wish I would have seen something about the ride before I saw hundreds of bikes rolling by my house. Unfortunately we were in the middle of a paint project so I couldn't run out and join the ride.