Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Who doesn't like a good fight?

This is some good stuff. Of course it is more on a national level but that means that eventually it will filter down to lil' ol' Fort Wayne (hopefully).

Transportation is about more than mode choice, it can be a nasty fight to the death. The winning technology or manufacturer stands to make millions–even billions–while the losers often slink away into obscurity. As America gears up for a transportation revolution, a future in which renewable energy takes center stage, a pit fight is already underway.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood wants to give bikes the same rights as cars, Senate Republicans will fight any climate bill legislation that comes their way, electric cars attempt to squeeze out their gas counterparts and Michael Bloomberg will do everything in his power to give New York back to its pedestrians. While the fights aren’t always evenly-matched, they’re always entertaining. Here is our Alt8 Top Transportation Showdowns of 2010.

Ray Lahood vs. Gas-Fueled Cars: President Obama’s Transportation Secretary has been one of the biggest proponents of alternative transit. In fact, LaHood famously said that the government was going to give bicycling and walking the same importance as automobiles in transportation planning and federal funds. While announcing nearly $300 million in federal money that would go towards building streetcars, bus rapid transit, bike projects and other initiatives, LaHood said, “This investment by the Obama Administration in our nation’s communities will create jobs, boost economic development and recovery, and further reduce our dependence on oil. Our goals are to provide cleaner, safer, and more efficient ways to get around.” Of course, truckers yelled in protest. Rep. Steve LaTourette, (R-OH) mockingly asked, “So is it his thought that perhaps we’re going to have, like, rickshaws carrying cargo from state to state, or people with backpacks?”

Advantage: Ray LaHood

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