Thursday, September 2, 2010

Time traveled. Does that matter to those of us who commute by bike?

Hi Folks.
I have been on this time tip of late. I think that I have been paying more attention to it because due to some changes around the homestead, my schedule has tightened up a bit. It is not that I am stressed for time, it is just that I have needed to be more efficient. Biking does take longer then getting there by car. We all understand that, especially when you make every attempt to follow the laws of the road. (Courteous Mass/Critical Manners or as I like to incorrectly refer to it as, CM2, is a week from tomorrow!) Anyway, back to the subject at hand. So what is the most efficient path on which to travel? How much time are you willing to sacrifice to be on a safer path I guess would be a better way to ask that question. I have been pushing it of late and the mechanized vehicles have been none too kind to me on the busier roads unfortunately. Hope you are all well.

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