Monday, March 22, 2010

Sad News

Bronx 'Mother Teresa' Megan Charlop, biker killed by city bus, 'sought to do good'

BY Kevin Deutsch and Rich Schapiro

Friday, March 19th 2010

She devoted her life to helping the poor and sickly in the Bronx.

But Megan Charlop, the bike rider killed by a city bus this week, also found the time to be the perfect wife, her husband said Thursday.

"We were a team. We were partners. She gave me so much," said Richard Powers, his voice cracking. "I can't even imagine life without her."

Powers bared his heartbreak a day after Charlop's bike clipped a carelessly opened car door, propelling her into the path of a city bus.

Charlop, 57, died instantly on Crotona Ave. The driver of the car, Min Kyung Kwan, was slapped with a summons for interfering with a bicyclist.

Bike advocates said that Charlop died on a route that officials decided more than a decade ago should include a bike lane.

"These cyclists need help," said Wiley Norvell, of Transportation Alternatives.

"Meg has been biking in New York City for ages. If our streets aren't forgiving enough for a cyclist as skilled as she was, how can they be safe for anyone?"

The whole story HERE

The only good part of this story is that in New York it is against the law to interfere with a cyclist.

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