Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bike lanes are cheap by comparison

After researching a few sites and looking at other communities engineering estimates I found out that bike lanes cost about $50,000 per mile. I am by no means stating that this project shouldn't go forward but I just wanted to give some perspective in these tough economic times.

Published: March 4, 2010 3:00 a.m.
‘Recycled trail’ gets city approval
Plans connect Swinney Park, Saint Francis in 2012
Benjamin Lanka
The Journal Gazette

Bikers and hikers will eventually be able to travel from Swinney Park to the University of Saint Francis on recycled roof shingles and tires.

The Fort Wayne Board of Public Works on Wednesday approved hiring DLZ Indiana at a cost of $93,500 to provide the engineering work for the first phase of the multiuse Cougar Trail, named for the university’s mascot.

Dawn Ritchie, greenways manager, said the 0.8-mile-long, 12-foot-wide trail will feature a recycling theme. Not only will the path be made of recycled materials, such as roof shingles and tires, but it will also feature benches and art made from recycled materials.

“We want to make it a recycled trail,” she said.

The trail will be built along the former railroad corridor from West Jefferson Boulevard to Main Street, using the existing railroad bridge over Main. The bridge will have to be rehabilitated.

From Main Street to Saint Francis, the trail will travel along Leesburg Road.

The project will include a sidewalk along Leesburg Road to connect with an existing sidewalk. It will also connect the Nebraska neighborhood and the neighborhoods north of Spring Street with the city’s trail system.

The first phase is expected to cost $750,000 to construct, and the city hopes to have it built in 2012, although money to build it still needs to be raised. The city is using a grant from the Greenway Consortium to help finance the engineering work.

Frank Suarez, city spokesman, said the city eventually hopes to take the trail to Buckner Park.


John said...

Having just found your blog, I'm quite stoked. I agree completely that Fort Wayne is not a Cycle Friendly City.

Ironically, just today while returning from the Mayo Clinic, my coworker and I discussed at GREAT length our dismay with how hard it is to ride in Fort Wayne. We both ride and are regularly frustrated.

I consider myself a pseudo-commuter as I only do it in fair weather. However I am encouraging more and more people to ride everyday. Keep up the good work and I appreciate your efforts.

fwbikecommuter said...

We here at the FWBC are stoked that you are stoked! Any suggestions on content let me know.
Getting the word out is great and I commend you for it. The more of us the better.
FW Bike commuter