Sunday, October 4, 2009

Vehicular Cycling

I cannot tell you how much I like that term.
I had never heard it before the other day when I was reading Indycog
They had a great post quoting a guy from Louisville that was making comparisons between the different riding styles of people from Indy and those in Louisville.
Check out the post here
Here in Fort Wayne I would say that we are a lot more like Indy than Louisville when it comes to how people ride.
Columbus had a good number of vehicular cyclists as well.
I am not saying that with any connotation whatsoever.
There just aren't that many vehicular cyclists in the Fort (that I see anyway).
So get out there into traffic! Sounds crazy I know but try it out. It's pretty sweet.


Anonymous said...

Fort Wayne Bike Commuter I took your advice and rode in the street, Stellhorn no less. It was great. The traffic went around me. Riding on the sidewalks seems to be more dangerous. vc

fwbikecommuter said...

I am impressed with your moxie.
Be careful out there.