Sunday, October 4, 2009

Copy of Email I sent to Citilink a couple weeks ago

To Whom It May Concern,
I am a bicycle commuter.
I was riding on Spy Run Ave. on Monday (9/21) at about 5:20 PM.
I was taking my lane as I learned that I should do in my bicycle safety course that I took from the League of American Bicyclists. I was 5 feet from the curb in the right hand lane.
One of your buses decided that they should buzz me at a very high rate of speed and continuing to accelerate. The bus and I were the only vehicles on that stretch of road. The driver, should have changed lanes to give me my space on the road. Should there have been other vehicles on the road, that is exactly what they would have done. Should I have been in a small car I do not think that they would have given the vehicle less than three feet and swerved around me while not getting out of my lane.
I expect a written response (sent to the above email) to this hostile action on the part of your employee in a timely manner.
Thank you.

I have since communicated with Citilink to tell them exactly where I was on Spy Run and they said that they are going to pull the tape and review it with the driver.
The nice thing about this situation is that the vehicle that buzzed me had the name of the company on it. There have been too many times where I get buzzed where that is not the case. They have been fairly responsive up until this point so we'll see
I'll keep you all updated.

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