Saturday, September 26, 2009

London Seeks to Reduce Congestion by Eliminating Traffic Lights

I think that this is a wonderful experiment that I hope can "Cross the pond".
Could be sweet.

By Richard S. Chang

London is getting naked — well, getting naked streets. Naked streets are those without traffic lights and stop signs.

I wrote about naked streets a couple of years ago, when a village in Germany suddenly decided to rid itself of traffic lights and all other road accoutrements. The idea wasn’t even new back then. Towns in Holland, Denmark and Belgium have had naked streets for years.

But London would be the first major city to attempt order through apparent disorder, if an experiment proves successful. Boris Johnson, the city’s mayor, is behind an effort to switch off traffic lights in the city’s center, according to the Telegraph.

“We will be creating a bit of indecision in all road users’ minds to create a safe environment,” said Martin Low, Westminster City Council’s head of transportation, which is conducting the experiment with Transport for London. “When lights are out we have noticed that drivers are far more considerate and show more care and attention than they are when they have the reassurance of traffic lights.”

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