Sunday, September 6, 2009

Biking in Columbus

I was in Columbus last week for training for work. I stayed downtown and spent most of my time out of the training on High Street. I wan out in the early morning running, I was out in the lunch hour, for, you guessed it, lunch, and I was out during the rush and dinner hour for...well you get the idea.
It didn't matter what time of day, there were bikes everywhere. I know, I know, Ohio State is there but I also personally can attest to quite a number of the cyclists to be commuters.
There were no bike lanes. There were no share the road signs. But there were a large number of bikers doing what we do. Go places. Do things. You know.
I was really happy to see that there was a large majority of these folks who "take theie lane". Take aup a lane of the road. It warmed my heart actually.
A trusted reader also sent me a blog that has some great points and I was pleasantly surprised to hear them talk about some of the same things that we talk about here.

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