Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Ah, the helmet argument. My wife won this one for me a ling time ago and I am fine with that. After reading this it helped solidify that she made the right decision for us!

Helmet Or No?

E.D. Kain revisits the bicyclist's dilemma:
Personally, I’m a helmet guy. However ineffective helmets may be, I still appreciate the contents of my skull enough to do whatever I can to protect them, including donning the rather clumsy foam and plastic encasement even at the risk of forsaking the “sublime.” Then, too, I’m a parent and one who doesn’t subscribe to the “do as I say, not as I do” approach to parenting. When it all comes down, I’d prefer to see my daughter wear a helmet when she’s of a biking
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MichaelK said...

I don't know. They just throw that "70% reduction" thing out there, with absolutely no backup... can't find it.

It's fine if people want to wear them, but I'll never stand for legislating it. What I can find is data that supports that mandatory helmets decrease the number of cyclists - and the fewer there are the less safe those of us who remain are.

( for more instances)

Dolores said...

Dude, you read Andrew Sullivan? I think your politics are actually pretty in line with his, so kinda not surprised. The surprise comes from that he's a daily read for me, and you've never mentioned it.
I am glad I won that argument for you sweetie. Your noggin is too awesome to spill.

fwbikecommuter said...

Thanks for the comments Michael and Dolores.