Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hybrid Bike?

The other day I had a cable break on the way to work. It was very annoying since I was stuck in my highest gear all the way to work! Anyway, I had the wife pick me up and head to Summitt City Bikes to have it repaired.

We were there for a few minutes when I noticed a few bikes that I hadn't seen before. I checked them out and they have this huge hub on the front wheel. I asked one of the very knowledgeable staff about it and he lit up. They are really excited about the bikes.

It is called a Twist Freedom and the hub is for the power assist feature that it has on it. It has a battery that gives power to the front wheel as you pedal! It is Giant's Hybrid Technology.

He insisted that I take it out for a spin. He told me that you have to be pedaling or the assistance won't kick in. He also said that I have to walk it out of the store because the power is so good that it has been a little much for some people. I said I understood and was off.

It is amazing. Nothing short. You aren't even working and you are going at max speed (he said 17 MPH). If you have the means I would highly recommend it. It is so choice. I guess you can go 20 miles or so on a charge. It would be ideal for those who live far enough away from where ever they needed to go, that, riding a regular bike, would be get a serious workout on the way. It is seriously terrific. Price tag = $1,850. he told me that they had them for a week now and one has sold. Pretty cool.

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