Friday, May 4, 2018

Ride of Silence Fort Wayne

Hello all.  Check  1,2.  Is this thing on?
It has been quite a while.
I am posting to tell all of you lovely people that bike month is here and the weather has cooperated, thank the Lord!
Our friends at Bicycle Friendly Fort Wayne have taken over the Ride of Silence.  But they are using the route from a few years ago.
Jade, the President of BFFW, asked me for a map of the route and I had to go onto this blog to find the route from 2015.
Thought I might as well give this blog thing a try as it has been a while.
So I hope everyone is dong well and has their bike tuned up and ready to go for the season.
Hopefully we will see you out at the ROS 2018 on Wednesday the 16th.  Emmanuel Lutheran Church on West Jeff.  Bring a helmet, police escort included.

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