Monday, June 4, 2012

Fort Wayne bike commuter challenge

It was a nice turnout at the dash in on Saturday to celebrate the awesome work that all of the bike commuters did over the month of May.
Congrats to the Summit City Bike team for winning in the miles category and therefore the coveted trophy.  Kudos to the Fort Wayne Bike Commuters team for taking the most trips.  Our trophy is on the right.


fwbikecommuter said...

Comment from 1995love (that I accidentally deleted):
Yay! Way to go! Is Critical Manners still around?

fwbikecommuter said...

1995Love: No it is not still around due to the fact that a couple lawyers scared the crap out of me talking about liability! The good news is that I am presenting the concept to 3 River Velo Sports at their June Board meeting to see if 3RVS wants to make it one of their rides. So it might return! Will know more in a couple days.
Thanks for reading.