Monday, October 24, 2011

imagine this....

Road three lanes wide, 10 cars on the road , me in the right lane. I get honked at and literally forced to the curb. I yell, but just as I do that the lady in the car behind me follows the previous car's lead and does the same thing to me, again! All this as another car rolls down the window to yell at me to get on the sidewalk.
Was it rush hour? No. 340 pm.
So, was I at fault? Is the City at fault? Are the drivers at fault? Yes, Yes, and Yes.
Me for bowing to the pressure and being bullied by a driver. I should never have moved over. TAKE YOUR LANE, DO NOT DEVIATE!
The City and Bicycle Indiana for not funding an Educational campaign for drivers.
The drivers for thinking that they are more important than I am and that the road is there strictly for their use.
Three lanes wide! 10 cars in that space! But not enough room for a bicycle.
I am angriest at myself.
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