Tuesday, January 18, 2011

From Bicycle Indiana.....


Thanks again to Senator John Broden of South Bend Indiana for authoring a bill in the current legislative session which if enacted, will help make our roadways safer for all bicyclists. This bill is currently assigned to the committee on Homeland Security, Transportation & Veteran Affairs which is chaired by Senator Tom Wyss of Fort Wayne Indiana. Call to action: Contact Senator Wyss and ask him to hear SB0353 in his committee. Contact your legislators and ask them to support this bill. If you have any questions, please send them to info@bicycleindiana.org or call 317-466-9701. Read the abridged version of the bill here: SB0353

PLEASE take the time to review the bill and if you want cars to be required to be three feet from you, contact this public servant and tell him what you want.

You might say, "How can you even enforce this?" Well let me tell you, if someone hits you, at least they would get the driver on something!! Because right now, there isn't much protecting you out there.

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