Monday, November 15, 2010

I would bet that the same three groups exist in the same proportions here in Fort Wayne

Study identifies three different types of cyclists
City officials hope improvements will encourage more people to bike

By Hannah Guzik
Ashland Daily Tidings
Posted: 2:00 AM November 06, 2010

Only about 7.5 percent of Ashland's population is comfortable with the current bicycle network, but if bike routes were improved, about 60 percent of residents might take to cycling regularly, a Portland engineering firm estimates in a recent study.

The researchers found there are three types of cyclists in Ashland, as in Portland and many other cities nationwide, according to the Oct. 14 study by Kittelson & Associates Inc.

The first type, which makes up only about .5 percent of the population, is "strong and fearless," and will bike regardless of road conditions. Then there are "enthused and confident" bikers, about 7 percent of residents, who are comfortable with the current bike network.

The largest group of cyclists, about 60 percent of the population, are "interested but concerned" about the safety of the existing bike network.

"There appears to be a need to provide a multi-level cycling system that caters to multiple types of cyclists, if there is to be a significant change in shifting more people to cycling," the report states.

The study lists several ways the city can cater to the concerned group of cyclists, and city officials plan to heed the advice, in order to encourage more people to bike, said Ashland Planning Commission Chairwoman Pam Marsh.

"Many residents are really wanting to bicycle, but are aware of safety issues, especially those people who are parents," she said. "A lot of traffic we generate in the city is from parents ferrying their kids around, so if we can begin to address their concerns, hopefully we can get more people bicycling."

The study recommends creating buffered, protected or separated bike lanes on busy streets and providing more cross-town bike routes that don't involve cycling on Main Street, Siskiyou Boulevard or Ashland Street.

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I think that I fit in the "enthused and confident" group. What about you?

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fernando said...

dude, doesn't biking in the snow put you in the "strong and fearless" category?

anyway, great articles! great to see this going on in Fort Wayne. Great running into you tonight and I look forward to that chili ride.