Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm the A$$hole? or I am so proud

So the Bike free guys, Adam and Paul, my buddy Mike and I just got through enjoying Germany kicking the tuna salad out of England. We had put down a couple beers and decided that we were going to ride our bikes down to Don Chavez for some Chimichangas.
As is the usual custom when I leave my house to go downtown, we take the Reed Rd bike route toward Downtown. We got stopped at the light at St. Joe and Tennessee.
There are four of us, and we are taking up the entire lane. It is a double yellow line over the bridge anyway so a car cannot legally or safely pass a cyclist.
(Keep in mind, these guys are from out of town and have had very few run ins with cars on their entire journey up until this point.)
Paul and I are out front and Adam and Mike are bringing up the rear. We are all slowing down to make a left turn onto the Rivergreenway from Tennessee when we begin to hear some loud talking. It begins to get louder and as I make the left I hear, "Get out of the road, it isn't a bike lane (I am paraphrasing)." The I hear Adam say to the lady (60 years old, gray hair, driving a 1987ish Ford Astrovan), "What do you think this bike painted on the road means? This is a bike lane!" Adam, you rock, I thought to myself.
Anyway the shouting continued and as she made her turn onto Griswald and headed south she shut up long enough to hear me shout,"Patience!" To which she clearly replied so all could hear.
"You're an Asshole!"
I couldn't be more proud. Sniffle..Sniffle...


MichaelK said...


One of these days one of those people is going to get so worked up they'll stroke out right in their minivan.

chumly said...

Welcome to the club. There is even a song about us.

Ruby Green said...

She's probably the same woman I yell "slow down" to as she's speeding down my street.