Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Little help please from the Roadies....

Hey everyone.
I received this email a few weeks ago and told Joe that I would put the word out to the Fort Wayne contingent in order to try to solicit help that I myself can not provide.
His email is listed below so give him a shout please if you have any great ideas for him. Or email me and I will be sure to get it to him.
Thank You.

I’ll try to make a long story short.
I was just researching via the Internet if you bike legally and safely from the intersection of the 69 and 24 on the south side of FW to the Carmel area near Indianapolis.
A little history/background
I love biking.
Graduated of IU in 88 and 92. I’m 42
I have worked in FW
I have family and friends up and down all of Indiana but my wife and family live in Thousand Oaks, CA.
I’m a decent endurance MTB.
This summer I'm flying out to Indiana to visit my parents in Bloomington, my brother in Fort Wayne and several friends in Indianapolis. I'm also bringing my MT bike to ride BCSP and race in the Super D race in Aug.
In a nutshell, as I map out my travel plans from city to city, it's turning out that it will be very inconvenient for my brother to shuttle me back to Indy to the Carmel area on the day I want to travel (Aug 11th). I was somewhat serious when I suggested to him that I wouldn't mind biking from the intersections of 69 and 24, through Huntington, through Marian, through Elwood to Carmel. route 24, 9 and 37. It's just under 100 miles.

Question: Have you ever tried to bike along those roads to Indy? Is it legal? I don't remember any biking lanes but the shoulder lanes are wide but a little rough. Do you know of anyone who has ever made the trip along those roads?

Overall, the distance and elevation wouldn't be an issue for me. Yesterday, I did a MTB training ride here in southern CA of 57.5 miles and 8,200 feet of ascent. (Next week is my first endurance race of the season, 86 miles and 12,000+ feet of ascent.)
I'm just concerned about the safety and legal stuff of riding on those roads. Should I be concerned about anything else?

Thanks for your advice

I tried the new Google Maps Bike feature but it takes me off 24,9,37 on a few places to hit the back roads. I'm not 100% why it allows me to ride on the state highways at times and takes me past the corn fields on some other miles.


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