Thursday, August 20, 2009

This just rules!

So many of the points that this author touches on are so right on!
I love that he actually calls everyone out: I especially like the developer comments and as all of you know sometimes people can get very upset about us bikers. We did not make this car culture and one of the big reasons that I bike is to fight against it! Enjoy!

A Critical Mess? Yes it is

If we lock up all those responsible for current traffic problems, the traffic jams would be gone

By Gary Engler, Vancouver Sun

The Vancouver Sun editorial criticizing the Critical Mass bicycle ride did not go nearly far enough.

While the editorial cited cyclists for breaking the law, everyone knows the real reason for public anger is the traffic jams the rides create.

Well, I say everyone who causes a traffic jam and disrupts the peace of our city should be arrested and sent to jail for a long time. That would send a message and quickly clear our streets for the enjoyment of its citizens.

So, in descending order of responsibility for traffic jams, the following scoundrels should be arrested and locked up by police officers who should refocus away from less important duties, such as catching murderers, busting meth labs and chasing bank robbers. I say arrest and imprison:

All the developers over the years who built the houses which sprawl for scores of kilometres, making it almost inevitable that hundreds of thousands of Lower Mainland residents will use private vehicles to go to work, shop and go about their daily lives.

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