Thursday, July 16, 2009

Final thoughts....

I was riding home last week during the "rush hour" going north on Florida.
As I approach the stop sign next to Forest Park Elementary school I slow down because I plan on stopping at the stop sign. I know, I am such a god boy aren't I?
I notice another cyclist traveling southbound on Florida. He too is approaching the stop sign. But he has no hands on the brakes, or the handlebars for that matter! Well, Fort Wayne Bike Commuter, how was he planning on stopping you ask? He wasn't planning on stopping I answer with a confused look on my face.
He was too busy texting on his phone! While he was listening to his Ipod.
I quickly looked both ways and saw that he was not in danger of dying at the hands of a driver who probably had similar things going on while he was driving. No cars.
This story had a happy careful out there Fort Wayne Bike Commuters!

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