Monday, October 6, 2008

Nothin' Much

I gotta tell you all that I have sure seen a lot of people on their bikes lately.
Most of the time they don't seem like they are going too far on their bikes just because they don't really have any gear with them and they seem to be riding at a leisurly pace but it is nice to see none the less.
They other day I was on my way back from...I don't remember where but I was at the light to turn left onto Parnell from Clinton.
I saw a bicycle commuter that was merging from Parnell onto Clinton Northbound! He had to be a commuter (the backpack is always the dead giveawy) but no helmet! What? No helmet! Clinton! Are you nuts! I was thinking about it though and what are the alternatives for people to commute on North of Coliseum Blvd? If you need to go north of Coliseum then you could take Crescent if you are going NE. But if you need to go straight north your choices are Clinton or Coldwater. It is no wonder that people are afraid to ride their bikes! And if you want to go NW then you get Lima. Wow. When gas gets up to 5 bucks a gallon, I would estimate that there will be a few bike commuter fatalities a year in this town.


Ashley said...

Hiya! Even though I feel like you'd already know about this survey, I figured I'd share the link just in case. Mayor Henry has a survey out as the city "looks to incorporate bicyles into our transportation network." Fill it out here:

fwbikecommuter said...

Thank you so much as I have been a slackin' and have not yet had a chance to write about the survey that is going on!
I plan on doing so today.