Friday, August 8, 2008

We're out there!

This last week has been an exiting one for me because I spotted a couple of bike commuters.
I was on the River Greenway on my way to work and I had run over a piece of glass so I stopped to get it out of my tire and all of a sudden was passed by a fellow bike commuter heading (I can only assume) downtown.

Then, on Monday I was riding with a buddy of mine in his car on our way to golf and we passed another bike commuter on Spy Run! I couldn't believe it! She was brave and on a pretty sweet hybrid type bike.

You may be asking yourself how do I know that these people are bike commuters? Well we are usually unmistakeable because of all the gear we have to haul around. I have a big pack that I carry rain gear, change of clothes, my lock, water, etc. That is the necessary equipment. I get the question all the time in the elevator. So now you know.

The more I ride, the more I can't help but think of how great a town this is for biking even without bicycle specific infrastructure. Downtown has great neighborhoods that make it an enjoyable place to commute on one's bike. So if you have thought about it in the least, get out and give it a try. You don't need any specific bike or gear to get started. As you do it you will find out what you need and what you don't.

Someone passed my wife on her bike the other day and yelled at her to get on the sidewalk. I will say this, from what I understand it is against the law to ride bikes on sidewalks in the downtown and I think that everyone would agree that it is unsafe to do so. Have you ever tried to ride on the sidewalk? (I know that the guy in the truck yelling at my wife hadn't.) Pretty bumpy ride let me tell you. The street trees as they mature sure help to wreak havoc on a sidewalk. The road at least gets needed attention so my advice to all of you bike commuters out there, ride the street.

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Anonymous said...

Screw the sidewalks! From what I can tell, there was a law in Indiana about a year ago that prohibited riding on the sidewalks only in business districts. I can't find this law anywhere online anymore. So I am now making the assumption that it is perfectly legal in Indiana to ride ones bicycle on the sidewalk anywhere, but I think is one of the most dangerous places to ride and should be avoided at all cost.